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Become A Producer

Become a Producer for Puddin's Potions! 

Create and maintain your own personal business relationships, foster your own working relationships with your customers by introducing our multicultural, completely organic using only natural ingredients. 


Why Become a Producer Level I with Puddin’s Potions? 

We offer you a unique opportunity to make extra income and change lives either part time or full time working from home! The choice is yours. You will create your own business through Puddin’s Potions multicultural brand. As a Producer I you have the opportunity to purchase products at a discounted price and the ability to resale them for any price! Yes, you become the reseller! 

How It Works!

PRODUCER I’s purchase products at the following discounted price structure:

$0- $199= 10% off

$200- $499= 15% off

$500- $999= 20% off

$1,000+  = 25% off

***All orders are due by the 15th of each month any orders placed after the 15th will be credited towards the next month’s sales.

Disclaimer: You may resale products for any price but you cannot repackage product.
All products must either be picked up at warehouse or delivered by mail, UPS, FedEx. 



Why Become a Producer Level II with Puddin’s Potions? 

As a Producer II you will have the opportunity to start your own business, create extra income and make your own schedule. As a Producer II you have an opportunity to port over all business
and sales from Producer I. You purchase our dynamic products at wholesale price.
You can sell our products to resorts, hotels, mall boutiques and larger retailers maximizing even more opportunities for extra income!

How It Works!

Structure: 15% commission on all client orders over $5,000. All orders must be placed by the 15th of each month. Orders placed after the 15th will credited towards next month’s sales.

Frequency: All commission will be paid on a 30 day cycle.

Disclaimer: Products cannot be repackaged or sold under another name without written permission for Puddin’s Potions. All contracts orders must be approved by Puddin’s Potions. A 5% fee will be placed on all contracts over $50,000.

Distribution: All order must be picked up either at warehouse or by mail (UPS, FedEx). 


Please complete the form below to become to producer for Puddin's Potions. Our director, Lena Highsaw will be in touch with the steps to move forward. We look forward to working with you!! 

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